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So who are we?

NEXTSNEAKERS is the largest fashion brand in Israel with over 40,000 satisfied and returning customers, which specializes in providing you with the craziest style available and works around the clock to bring you the hottest products in the world. 

We at NEXTSNEAKERS emphasize courteous and available service, particularly attractive prices and make your shopping experience perfect. In addition, we undertake to do everything in order to give our customers the cheapest prices in Israel. The Next Sneakers website has existed for 7 years, and was founded by its managers with the aim of driving a stake in the world of luxury brands in the field of shoes in Israel. In view of the difficulty in finding models, even the simplest ones in Israel, both on the websites of the flagship companies and in the selected stores, there is no doubt that the entrepreneurship of the NEXTSNEAKERS website is particularly significant. NextSneakers renews stocks every day, and takes care of the most special to the simplest models in excellent stocks. Starting with model types, color types or cut .  

So now all that’s left for you to do is choose the right product for you and it’s already on its way to you 🙂
We’d be happy if you also join the crowd of returning and satisfied customers.

Renew and enjoy!!

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